The Mad Cows of Tokyo (originally Mad Cows’ Comedy) was started by two English expats living in Tokyo. Their names were Jazz and Trevor. They started the Big Night Out show in May of 2010. Almost a year later these two strapping lads left Japan to pursue offers to further comedy careers. The reins were passed to a new group of comedians, who’ve now have been at the helm since 2011 and who have made the Mad Cows grow into Tokyo’s freshest comedy group.

Our shows typically feature 7-9 upcoming comedians of various nationalities but all who perform in English. As we all live in Japan it can feature a lot in our stand up. We have close links and have performed with comedians from the Osaka comedy scene and we regularly have comedians from abroad contact us and come and perform at our shows. We are always looking for new talent so we welcome any comedian whether they be an already established act or a comedian with only limited experience of the comedy scene.

To help performers prepare for ours and any other shows we have a monthly open mic night.

We are always looking for chances to expand. We have participated in several non-regular and private shows in and around Tokyo and Yokohama.

Tokyo vs Osaka Show with Osaka’s ROR Comedy!